Solar powered website

We provide tools and documentation to host WordPress on small energy efficient computers that can be powered by a solar panel or other forms of (renewable) energy. The goal is to use as little energy as possible, so that you don’t need big batteries or solar panels.

Single board computers

These computers contain everything needed on a single circuit board and can be very small and energy efficient while still being able to run a web server. You might have heard of the Raspberry Pi which is a popular single board computer used for many different projects. You could use this or similar computers to host a WordPress System. We have examples for the Orange Pi Zero LTS, which is very similar to a Raspberry Pi, but uses even less energy.

Solar power

To power you web server with solar energy, you need a solar panel, a battery (usually lead-acid) and a solar charge controller, which controls the powering of the computer and the loading and unloading of the battery.

See also: Install Debian on the Orange Pi Zero LTS

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