New release brings page size statistics

We released a new version of greenerWP’s WordPress plugin! This release comes with an exciting new feature: page size statistics. These statistics will help you find heavy pages in your website and allow you to optimise the pages having the most impact on your website’s network traffic. How does this work? If the statistics are […]

New release brings lazy loading images

We just released the new version 0.0.6 of the plugin. Beside small changes and compatibility with the latest WordPress release, it includes a new experimental optimisation: image lazy loading. The guides will be updated soon.

Contact Form 7 without jQuery

Contact Form 7 is a popular and completely free and open source WordPress plugin to build simple contact forms on your WordPress website. It is known that the plugin inserts jQuery and styles on every post and page if activated, even if it does not contain a contact form. That bloats every page, especially if […]

Images: New guide

While streaming videos contribute greatly to network traffic in terms of bytes transferred, images should also net be neglected when optimizing a website for environmentally sustainability. Our new guide on images covers this topic and gives advice on how to optimize your use of images on your website.

Web fonts: New guide and recipe

We’ve added a new guide about web fonts and why should should reconsider using them. In short: While allowing designers to create visually appealing sites, they increase network traffic and thus reduce sustainability. We’ve also added a new feature to our WordPress plugin that allows to disable web fonts for some themes. An ideal approach […]