Get Involved

Be part of the geenerWP project and help building a more climate-friendly web 🙂

There are many ways to help the project. You may give feedback and report issues, help with translating the user interfaces, contribute code if you are a developer, write guides and documentation, help promoting the project, or donate to the project.

greenerWP wants to build a friendly and welcoming community where everyone feels comfortable. That’s why we ask you to abide our Code of Conduct when interacting with the greenerWP community.

Where to start? Get in contact with other members of the community!

Give Feedback

We welcome your feedback! What do you think about greenerWP, its goals, the guides and tools? Do you have an idea that you want to propose or discuss? Get in contact with the project!

Report Issues

You may report issues using our contact form or other communication channels, but preferably you use our issue tracker.

Contribute Code

If you are a developer, you can help by fixing issues or adding new features. All code is in our repositories at GitLab.

Design User Interfaces

You have design skills and want to make greenerWP’s user interfaces more user friendly and visually more pleasing? Get in touch with the team!

Promote the project

Help us spread the message and find users for greenerWP. It doesn’t matter if you have prior experience in doing this or not, every help is appreciated! Get in touch with the team! You could also start right now by telling others about the project 🙂


Funding allows us to do even more. If you prefer to support us with money instead of other contributions, you are also very welcome! Get in touch with the team!